A book about the narcoleptic journey? The autoimmune journey?

What a dream, what a dream.


Working titles for books:


No More Narcolepsy

A book about how a gluten free diet helped me reclaim my life and have days where I no longer suffered from narcolepsy.

Sleepy Scientist

A how-to guide on how to get the hell through higher education with a chronic sleep disorder.


Gluten Free Narcolepsy

A how-to guide on how to what to eat and what not to eat as a narcoleptic (or someone with an autoimmune disease).

Is that an alien in my room?

A picture-based book for children explaining hypnogogic hallucinations, sleep paralysis and other facets of narcolepsy to children suffering from the disease.

Your kid is not lazy.

I have talked to too many parents of children with narcolepsy that still insist their children lack motivation. Actually, it’s much the opposite…. you will never understand the kind of raw willpower it takes for a narcoleptic kid (or teenager, or adult) to get out of bed. This book will be a how-to-not-treat-your-kid-like-they-are-lazy guide. We do have motivation (a lot of it, in fact); this book will help you learn to recognize it.


2 thoughts on “Titles

  1. I wasn’t diagnosed with narcolepsy until I was 22 but as I read these titles it made me think back to my childhood. I use to get nightmares all the time as a child and I couldn’t wake myself up. I’m not sure if that was an early sign of my narcolepsy but it just got me thinking. I have always been tired even as a little kid. I always went to bed at 8 or 9pm even when I was in college. I also have dreams know that seem very real and I do wake up mad/sad/scared sometimes and it takes me a minute or two to realize it was a dream. In your opinion does that sound like hypnogogic hallucinations?

    • Ultra-vivid dreams may or may not be technically HH, but if they have sounds associated with them, then probably they are… Vivid dreams are definitely a feature of narcolepsy though, whether or not they are formally HH is not an important detail in my opinion.

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