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  1. Hi,
    I just read the article dated May 2012 on Gluten and Narcolepsy.
    I completely agree with you!
    My daughter was diagnosed with narcolepsy at the tender age of 6, she is now soon to be 16. Very early on, I had read an obscure article correlating drowsiness and gluten and decided to remove gluten from our home to see if it could help her. My daughter was sleeping 18 to 20 hours per day before we finally found our way to a sleep disorder specialist (a board certified Neurologist that specialized in sleep disorders). Honestly most people thought I was nuts changing her diet so radically (she was a typical mac n cheese and pizza 6 year old). It took us 9 months (and a whole lot of arguing with her pediatrician) to get to the sleep disorder MD. We made our way through several medical specialties, with many wanting to put her on Ritalin (to ‘jump start her’). My view was no diagnosis-no drugs. She gained 26 pounds in 6 Months. After 9 months and finally getting to the Sleep Disorder MD, she reviewed her medical record and commented that she could possibly have narcolepsy (although extremely rare for a 6 year old), the sleep eval confirmed the MD’s suspicions. The narcolepsy diagnosis occurred in January and in April we removed Gluten to see if the article I had found was indeed relevant. Within 6 weeks my daughter was noticeably more alert, her previous ‘drowsy-droopy eyed’ look was completely gone. Within 5 months she back to running around and lost 20 lbs, she was quite ‘herself’ again. She was sleeping soundly and completely through the night. When we returned to her Sleep disorder MD for her 6 month follow-up, she was quite shocked and also very pleased with the obvious change in my daughter. My daughter is now a very active high school sophomore, an excellent student, a cheerleader, a dancer, a pianist, yet most importantly a delightful young lady with a beautiful spirit. She has self-regulated her gluten diet and we have become quite accomplished at mastering gluten free menus! Please keep getting the word out to those struggling with narcolepsy. Removing gluten from her diet completely changed the impact narcolepsy has on my daughter and completely changed the quality of my daughter’s life! Thank you!

  2. I read your post on Gluten/Hashimoto’s and wanted to share some references with you, which I found many years ago on, regarding links between candida, gluten intolerance, and autoimmune thyroiditis:
    PMID: 19014325 – links candida to celiac
    PMID: 12826451 – links celiac to Hashimoto’s
    I recall also seeing a very definitive article, but haven’t yet found it in my huge folder. It must be in PDF form, so my search engine isn’t locating it. I’ll keep looking as I have time. Meanwhile, these two articles should give you some fodder. Hope they are useful to you.
    I have severe Hashimoto’s ongoing since 1999. Have done exhaustive research. Eventually it seems that everything causes everything! We are each physiologically unique supporting a unique bacterial/fungal ecosystem, thus each individual needs to experiment to determine which diet/lifestyle changes are most effective for his/her particular body. I always feel best either fasting, juice fasting or on a raw vegan diet. Others do well on a GAPS or SCD diet. It’s really a fascinating topic. I’m glad more and more people are researching their OWN conditions and finding their OWN answers. The “doctors” certainly don’t have time to do it.
    Best regards,

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